Esimerkkejä reititin laitteiden tietoturvaongelmista, jotka ovat ainakin jossain vaiheessa laitteiden elinkaarta (ennen mahdollista firmware-päivitystä) olleet läsnä ja vilpillisten ihmisten hyödynnettävissä:

D-Link Router UPNP Stack OverflowA remote stack overflow exists in a range of wired and wireless D-Link routers. This vulnerability allows an attacker to execute privileged code on an affected device. When a specific request is sent to an affected device, a traditional stack overflow is triggered allowing an attacker complete control of the router. With the ability to execute code on the device, it is then possible to apply modified firmware, and ultimately compromise the entire network.

Zyxel Zywall 2 Multiple VulnerabilitiesDuring an audit of Zyxel Zywall 2 it was discovered that a cross site request forgery and persistent cross site scripting vulnerability exists in the management interface. Thus, it is possible for an attacker to perform any administrative actions in the management interface, if a logged in/authenticated user has been enticed to visit a malicious web site. These actions include e.g. changing DNS server address or other security critical configuration items.

Prestige 650R ADSL Router DoSAn undocumented feature in D-Link DSL routers allows (in some cases) to bypass the authentication prompt and gain full access to the router, and then to the network behind it.