The device on which the publishing application is used may lack a physical keyboard with modifier keys (e.g. a Shift key), or perhaps the working posture favours doing things one-handed. There are some user-spesific settings to choose from, one of which causes one or more switches to appear in certain views, where the choice made is taken into account in certain situations. Other user-specific HID settings include preventing changing order of particulars already attached to a writing and particulars that are attachable to picture shows, since on some mobile devices, providing such functionality would make it

Picture 1. difficult for a third-party software component to operate well.
Picture 2. The particular browsing, item moving and importing views can show two switches for use instead or in additition to Shift and Ctrl/Meta keys.
Picture 3. In the two most typical text editing views, a switch is displayed to allow re-placing a placeholder element without having to press Ctrl/Meta at the same time. In the "Writing finetuning" view, the switch is near the group the other switches.