In the writing fine-tuning view, there is a wide range of quick adjustments to try out and choose from. These include the font of the text in the body of a writing and the positioning of ingress. To apply adjustments to several writings at once, it is sufficient to first make the appropriate adjustments to one writing and copy them to the other writings selected in the mass editing view.. The fonts whose names are shown in the image have already been replaced by e.g. SIL Open Font License fonts.

Quick adjustments affecting the whole work also have their uses, for example to make the content of the front page of the work more preparatory (more on this elsewhere) and to make small adjustments from language selection to caching and from setting the publicity to setting page width. For some works, it may be useful to set the scalability of the images presented in small size so that they do not end up being too small (will get set to 80% width on a smartphone, for example) and it may sometimes be user-friendly for the reader to enable icons to indicate, for example, the inclusion of videos and image collages in some writings. Caching per work is very useful in avoiding server load (even a few seconds of caching is very useful).