Each work has its own project page, which contains navigation links/buttons to all the views and modal windows relevant to the project, from the beginning of writing to fine-tuning the final work, from backup to selecting image catalogs and from asset management to search functions. Here are some of these separate views.

Importing. This screen contains the "drag and drop" area for uploading image files to the server. Images can be imported one by one or multiple ones at a time (serially uploaded). In addition, this view allows you to import JSON-structured data containing collections of writings for the project in question (exported originally in the project managing view). Entire projects with all their images etc. would be imported in the project listing view.

Item moving. Here you can move items from one collection of writings to another (within the project), as well as images to another image container and image containers to another image catalog. For the movable writings etc., there are areas on the view reserved for previewing them.

Writing list. Here you can make changes to several writings at once, as well as change the dates (availability date and update time) of individual writings. Mass functions include changing the readyness of writings and visibility of the additional parts of writings (ingress, etc.) and resetting/copying writing adjustments.

Search writings. Here you can search for your own writings using a keyword, which is compared with the contents and names of the writings.