Largely separate from the production of works, there is a view for collecting, sorting and editing adequates, where a few different types of items can be used to aid thinking and remembering. Different types of item include links, textual notes, images, videos, graphs generated from data and "scientific notes" (PubMed and other scientific abstracts). These items can be organised into adequetesets and the adequetes within them.

An adequateset already set for a project can deselected, as it only affects whether those adequatesets are selectable in this view. Several projects can use the same adequatesets. Unlike with image catalogs, adequatesets are not included in the project-specific backup, but are backupped separately as separate zip packages that can be imported back if necessary.

Image items are always from image catalogs. Links can be imported by drag'n'dropping directly from browser bookmarks, individually or by folder, as well as from browser's address bar and link-type files. To import Sciency-type material, a separately provided application is required.

It has been considered if it should be possible to a) browse the material on a separate monitor using a hand gesture recognition device, b) browse and edit the material in virtual reality using a separate tactile control device, c) send an item viewed on a desktop view for viewing on a mobile device, but these are so far only interesting prototypes, which were intended to streamline a possible new approach to introducing such functionality.