When you have a lot of pictures and you may not be quite sure what to do with them, ideas can start to form as you put them into some kind of groups, or let the ideas flow while you simply move them apart in some way that feels natural. A variation of the particular browsing view was made in which image-type particulars are first presented in the usual way, laid out on a grid, after which you can start moving them around in the view without any special movement constraints. A large tablet device or a other touchscreen device with a stylus pen becomes a practical combination, as the range of hand movement can be much less than with a mouse.

On a touchscreen device there can could be a feature allowing to grab an image with two fingers and rotate the image while perhaps also resizing it. However, such may be a bit too "gimmickry" without much benefit, so a simple image dragging, supplemented by the possibility to select several images (e.g. for changing their container) may be what you end up with in terms of future functionality.