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Explanations about further development and new features 9.7.2024, 5.6.2024, 8.5.2024, 19.11.2023, 18.10.2023, 1.9.2023, 25.7.2023, 3.3.2023 and 14.11.2022. Should help to weave together a sense of the different views, and to draw attention to things that have no visual cues or that you might not otherwise use in the first place. The latest images may be from the September 2022 version, while the timeliness of some other images may be questionable. Many new features are already implemented and many are being prepared, but more about them is told later. Just about everything related to this publishing application, starting from coding, has been done by Marko Seppänen, Hoito.org.

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