There are no restrictions on how many different views of the user interface can be visible in the browser at the same time. They can be ordered in tabs or in separate windows. A large monitor undoubtedly offers the most useful user experience, but the interface views are adaptable to use even on a smartphone. As a side note, to improve usability, it is advisable to install a general-purpose add-on on the browser you are using, which can be used, for example, to move between different tabs with a fancy mouse gesture.

To be honest, there is no particular reason to take the names of user interface views as something that would easily explain what they mean, what they are used for etc. For example, the word "adequates" does not really tell you anything until you have used the view in question and realised that "ah, this is what it's all about". Thus, these are here for some sort of "explanatory necessity" to create an impression of the scope of the service, etc.