Some regularities, patterns and templates are never learned ”accidently”. It is required to give oneself some time to really understand them and in some cases even notice their existence. E.g. Sudoku game becomes a lot faster to finish after its rules get learned well as that allows one to know how to look at the numbers to see patterns and opportunities. Just by living out there in the world glancing sceneries, walking in the street and having conversations about other matters wouldn’t aid much in learning Sudoku.

Even when it takes only few minutes to understand the basic ideas behind a game, related rules, regularities and patterns might not be teached in school, heard from TV or seen in magazine, so most of the people don’t know about them.

Regularities and patterns related to solving some games aren’t similarly logical than in the Sudoku and even after understanding the basics it could still be very difficult to comprehend how the game works as there might be so many patterns in play at the same time that only a computer could really ”understand” what is going on. Social games related to harassment having a purpose of forcing someone to be constantly or frequently exposed to perceptions and thoughts, which lead to increased usage of glucose (brains require it), stress, even immune deficiency, momentarily weakening of mental/cognitive capabilities, draining of dopamine reserves and other long-lasting effects to the mind/brain often fit to such category.

Person choosen as a target for game-like harassment might not even notice or atleast can not comprehend the game very well so that he could explain it clearly to someone else, because the game would largely be customized against certain person’s mind and thus just explaining basics of the game would actually tell almost nothing. As such games wouldn’t be teached in any school nor explained in detail in a magazine of some sort, others wouldn’t even be prepared for hearing what target person might have to explain to them. That adds a requirement for a target person to ”reverse engineer” the rules of the game and continue the explanation from there.

Some regularities, patterns and templates are more easily exploited, if a target person is using similar regularities, patterns or templates in his normal life. E.g. he might have familiarized himself with semantic web, relational databases, choosing of suitable words for some purpose (e.g. user interfaces, if he is a webdesigner or similar), describing of items and seeing parts/components/features/traits of them in his mind, concept maps etc. Those do affect the way he stores information in his mind, finds information from his mind, how he in his mind processes something quicker than something else, sees how something is similar to dissimilar to something else, describes what he feels with words or visually.

Anti-harassment could be represented by books containing words, mental images arousing symbols, photograps etc. designed in such a way that they have an effect to make one e.g. feel good.

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