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Growing opposition in Germany to new surveillance measures

”We need policies that restore individual liberties. This flood of surveillance needs to be confronted with a reform for more freedom. That means a reduction of telephone and Internet surveillance and the far-too-large intelligence service infrastructure. People need to be given back control over their communication and their communication devices.” (Homeland Security News Wire)

Popular D-Link router riddled with vulnerabilities

The vulnerabilities range from a command injection bug, a flaw that allows backdoor access to the router, to the fact hardcoded encryption keys are stored on the device. A serious cross-site scripting bug allows an attacker to easily to steal a user’s authentication cookies and gain access to their device. Their previous lack of consideration about security made him publish this research without coordinated disclosure. (Threatpost)

New 4G, 5G network flaw ’worrisome’

The 4G and 5G EPC attack scenarios largely fall into three categories: interception of data, such as text messages and unencrypted email messages; a collection of data, such as the location of the device; and disruption of services like DoS attacks. (Dark Reading)