Tietoturva- ja tietoliikennehäirintä-aiheisia poimintoja IEEE Xplore -tietokannasta, johon indeksoidaan ja tallennetaan tutkimuksien abstrakteja ja niiden kokotekstejä (maksullisia). Kaikki poiminnot lähivuosilta tai enintään n. 10 vuoden takaa. Esim. "Active User-Side Evil Twin Access Point Detection Using Statistical Techniques".

Ensuring trust of third-party hardware design with constrained sequential equivalence checking

Globalization of semiconductor design and manufacturing has led to a concern of trust in the final product. The effect of any modifications made by an adversary can be catastrophic in critical applications. Because of the stealthy nature of such insertions, it is extremely difficult to detect them using traditional testing and verification methods [artikkeli-id: 6459818]

Active User-Side Evil Twin Access Point Detection Using Statistical Techniques

An evil twin is essentially a rogue (phishing) Wi-Fi access point (AP) that looks like a legitimate one (with the same SSID). It is set up by an adversary, who can eavesdrop on wireless communications of users’ Internet access. [artikkeli-id: 6236067]

Effects of Denial-of-Sleep Attacks on Wireless Sensor Network MAC Protocols

This paper explores the denial-of-sleep attack, in which a sensor node’s power supply is targeted. Attacks of this type can reduce the sensor lifetime from years to days and have a devastating impact on a sensor network. [artikkeli-id: 4476299]