From a content production perspective, the publishing application has been developed on a "big screen and rollerball computers with physical keyboard first" basis, but time is sometimes spent ensuring that tablets and laptops with a sufficiently high resolution and size could also be suitable devices. For browsers, it seem to be easy to achieve an equal level of functionality, so the assumption has been taken that functionality is good even on more exotic ones, provided that it has been verified with the most common browsers.

The publishing application functions well and equally on at least Edge, Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

In terms of user experience, a 32-inch monitor at 1440p resolution connected to a deskop computer seems like something of a sweet spot, but on the other hand, the Apple iPad Pro 12.9" is a device that fits all the views of the publishing interface just snugly enough. A separate physical keyboard is still recommended. A mouse with a wheel or mouse as a control device in general is not necessary when using a tablet device.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 having a 11-inch screen has different dimensions to the iPad, which means that not all kinds of elements can fit side by side in portrait mode, but on the other hand the publishing interface adapts quickly to landscape mode. Also, using a browser in fullscreen always gives a bit more space, which is useful when using a laptop such as the ASUS ZenBook in all its 14-inch.

It has been tried to use the publishing application on a Sony Xperia Z3 Compact Tablet, which has only moderate power and a screen size of only 8 inches. Technically the publishing service works normally on it, but the different parts of a view of the user interface have to be placed one above another in accordance with the principles of responsive user interface design, so there's quite a bit scrolling required.

At some point, the publishing applicationmight get developed to optimise the user interface views more finely in terms of space usage, but a few dozen other features might be prioritised before that.

As for controllers, the Samsung Stylus Pen is very handy and recommended for compatible devices, offering not only very good sensitivity and accuracy, but also the hover feature that Apple Pencil lacks.

The instructions may refer to the using of the Ctrl key (Windows) in certain situations, but the Meta key (Mac) can also be used to access those functionalities.

When using or buying a laptop computer, it is recommended that it should have arrow buttons that aren't kind of squeezed to fit in their place as otherwise one needs to consciously think about using them, motor movement slows down and and the flow of thought gets interrupted unnecessarily.