It has been possible to grant editing rights on a project-by-project basis to users of the publishing application instance for a long time, but selecting co-editing users requires turning the experimental features on for a moment. Editing user permissions are strictly predefined and allow editing almost everything in a project except deleting it. Adequate sets, however, cannot be co-edited.

One could also share permissions by sharing the session code after login, but then one would granted access to everything that can be done with that user account.

In the internal functions of the publishing application, the possibility of real-time machine-to-machine communication between users of the publishing application on two different terminals has been prepared, but has not been used for the purpose of co-editing.

Authors markings are also just an intention, which cannot be enabled even by turning on the experimental features. The idea has been to allow the user to add authors to both their own writings and writings belonging to projects to which he has received editing rights. They will be used in contexts in which the authors' details etc. will be displayed. E.g. in the fine-tuning view, you can add the contributors placeholder to the writing, which will be used to generate author information in the final version of the writing. The function for this can be found in the Tools menu ("Functional embed: contributors"). That placeholder can be converted to plain text by Alt-clicking.

These "authors" can be created in the Authors tab of the user preferences, and they can be transferred from one user to another if necessary. They can be used to communicate to readers the role played by each author in the creation of the writing. Later on, images can also be used, but at this stage these authors are text only. Users with editing rights will not be able to remove authors other than their own.

These authors are loosely decoupled from writings in such a way that if a project is first exported and then deleted from among other projects, the relationship between them is broken. The backup will only include a hint of the author's name, but on the other hand there will be a semi-automatic function in the Usabilities view to reconnect authors.