Although you can attach image particulars to an open writing by drag'n'dropping them from the "browse particulars" view, the kind of "compactness" offered by the view combining the "browse particulars" and "text editing" views may be preferable, since glancing between two different views requires a subtle mental reorientation. When same time is spent in the same view

When all the time is spent in the same view, no such "extra fumbling" is needed. Editing writing works exactly the same as in the actual "text editing" view, with the difference that images can be added only by drag'n'dropping from the list on the left. As in the "browse particulars" view, images can be viewed in large size (by clicking on the image) and recropped in the modal window that opens (by Ctrl-clicking on the image).

And if there are so many images that you can't even see the writingparticulars list when you look at the bottom ones, it is also possible attach images from the catalogue by clicking on the image while holding down the Alt key.