This user-specific view is very prototypical and not just in its naming. It is intended to

a) Be used to let oneself to become aware about possible problems (Problems) that may occur, e.g. when transferring elements in a slightly incomplete way, e.g. from project to project, but forgetting to transfer something. Where possible, "one-click" fixes are available.

b) To confirm something that needs a little more clarification (Clarifications), such as the lengths (in terms of time) of solutions' caches and images that are in some image catalogs but aren't used anywhere. There is also a somewhat similar option in the "browse image catalogs" view, which filters image lists to show only those images that are not yet used anywhere. When one have a lot of pictures, things like that can get forgotten.

c) Let one get manually reminded (Reminders) about something that might need to be / should be checked periodically like e.g. to list writings that are marked as "preparing". It is possible that this functionality could end up somewhere else with a different implementation.

It was meant to make this screen be useful without need for a user to do too much clicking and thus have all the relevant information loaded at once. This may also mean that something is better utilized elsewhere. E.g. it is convenient to optionally list writings with a readyness status of "preparing" in the "project listing" view.