The feeling that some projects have something that are unfinished or that there are unknown amount of unused images etc. may complicate or delay working with some projects. Reorganising and creating completely new projects might help. Even the traditional paper and pencil can be used, e.g. to sketch out how you are going to use a project and for what purpose. The publishing application has a variety of quite ordinary functions for reorganisation.

In some situations rearrangement or a simple moving of a few writings or images requires brief preparatory thinking or something to be done beforehand. E.g, if you want to transfer some writings and images to another project, so that the images gets transferred to an image catalog used by only the target project, you have to transfer the images of the writing first and then the writing. The other way round this does not work, because the writings are not allowed to be transferred if the writingparticulars in them are not in the image catalog used by the target project. In the "moving things" view, you can keep the writings and the images to be transferred visible at the same time, so there is no high cognitive load to perceive or at least it can be avoided. Of course, you can temporarily put the same image catalogs on two different projects, if that makes things easier. If you forget to transfer the writings after transferring the images, it may seem that everything is ok, but when a user, who is not logged in browses the related writings (of a published work), the images in them may not be displayed at all.

Here are some examples of more straightforward possibilities:

  • copying a writing with its writingparticulars into another writing
  • copying a writing with its writingparticulars, delimited by a selected part of text, to any position of a writing in the same collection of writings
  • copying a collection of writings to another solution
  • duplication of a solution in its entirety
  • creation of several new writings from a list of names for writings
  • creating a new writing from a text file (.doc, .docx or .txt)
  • importing a solution into a project from another project
  • moving selected image containers to another image catalog
  • moving selected image particulars to another image container

Image particulars in writings are always referred to by a simple numeric id, so e.g. transferring images to another image container does not require any changes to be made to the writings.