When approaching different entities for demonstration purposes, there has been a list of subjects and possible works for which this publishing application is suitable:

  • an expression of a deep interest in an academic or everyday subject
  • live coverage of an ongoing situation
  • demonstration of skills and abilities
  • a place to find audiovisual, visual and audio works
  • a periodically published work
  • a long-term travelogue in blog format
  • a finalised telling about a place or experience
  • an occasionally improved explanation about one's health
  • a compilation of previous works published in different places
  • opinion pieces on topical issues
  • structured reporting within a defined target subject
  • a better explanation of what can be understood almost as such
  • fresh view points and insights with assisting images, figures etc.
  • a call to action using a wide range of arguments
  • writings having a conversational tone without any specific objectives

Privately the publishing application can be used e.g. for preparation of writings to be published elsewhere (e.g. online or in a print publication), for storing online coursework assignment responses and associated images, for planning what to write to email contacts, for coordinating online discussions on forums etc.