In some views, it is quite common that the height of the view becomes rather high due to space requirements of different panels and other elements and thus it recommended to use a mouse with a wheel to scroll the page. Sometimes even that is not sufficient to maintain usability, and that's why the visibility or space requirements of some parts of the view can be varied between the two options. Lever controls for this are available, for example, in the writing fine-tuning view. In the same group of levers, an lever has been added to be able to select and list also those writings and writing collections that has been marked as non-participating ones.

Writings may have several types of text parts, such as Introduction and Opinion. Their visibility to the author can be adjusted by making them visible or invisible by selecting them individually or using presets. If you disable a text part, this does not remove the text in the text part, which avoids damage. These settings do not affect how the text appears to the reader, as it is affected by whether there is content in certain text area and, in some cases, whether a separate visibility setting is turned on in the writing fine-tuning view. These settings affect both views in which the content text of a writing can be edited.

Some of these toggle buttons do not immediately cause a change in the view. These include e.g. displaying/hiding the source information of image particulars in the writing fine-tuning view.