Sometimes you may have so much text, pictures and other attached particulars in one writing that you could move some of them to another writing. For just such a situation, there is a function in the menu that copies the selected area with all its particulars to a (special) clipboard, so that the user does not have to add all of it separately to a new writing.

Picture 1. An earlier screenshot, with only two functions in the Misc menu.

The Text editing and Fine-tuning text views have slightly different text editor menus for the Misc and Tools menus. In the latter, tools such as language translation, blank line deletion and printing are available. Misc menu's items can be used to change the appearance of the text editor by changing the font and the type of placeholders, among other things. In the view that has more affection the styling and layout of published text, helpful tools include the ability to quickly change the width of all images in the writing and to place all attached image-type writingparticulars to a writing at once.

Picture 2. The Misc menu appears to have a number of functions to choose from. Certainly not a stabilized set of functions, but all of these are useful to have near the text editor.

There are a few different ways to affect the size of the "Content" area of a writing. Vertically, it is done by moving the horizontal bar at the bottom of the Content text area. Horizontally, there are three options in the Mood menu, one of which hides from view the table on the left listing the writings, to leave more space to Content area. The other one does not hide it, but narrows the width of the left and right sides. The third is the default setting, where everything has a reasonable amount of space.

These menus are subject to change from time to time as features are added, but not everything that can be done is added there, such as the ability to place some special characters to the text as such can also be done by using so-called alt codes, i.e. pressing the Alt key and typing e.g. 0173, which will then will place a "soft hyphen" to the text. It may may not look like anything visually, but the browser can hyphenate the word at that point.

There is a separate button for saving, but one can also press Ctrl-S (Command on a Mac) to save the writing. Other special features of the "text editing" view, for which there are no visual hints, are described in the writing "Listing table functionalities".

The pictures show that there are some options for the styling text. There are four types of list styling: bullet list, number list, bulletless list and "on same row bullet list".